31DaysDG-LGI‘m jumping on board for my fifth 31 Days series this October! If you’re new to 31 Days, it’s a writing challenge hosted each October by Myquillyn Smith, a.k.a. The Nester. Thousands of bloggers sign up to post a series on their own blog, on the topic of their choice.

This month I’ll search for the beauty in the mundane, the daily grace. Join me here?

Our recent trip to Reece Apple Orchard in Ellijay, GA, brimmed with simple pleasures: apples picked from the tree; fresh cider; homemade blueberry bread and apple cider doughnuts.

Years ago I saw photos online from a portrait photography contest whose theme was apple orchards. The images were stunning and I’ve wanted to take my camera to an orchard ever since. When our homeschool group took a field trip last month, I had both my chance and a perfect start for October’s calendar. Download it to decorate your desktop this month.

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Download October’s Desktop Calendar!

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