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It All Began in a Garden

Natural Living Starts with God

Essential oils are rapidly growing in popularity due to their many physical and emotional health benefits. What the world has forgotten is these natural remedies have been around since the beginning and were given to us by God for our greater well-being.

This practical and informative guide featuring beautiful photography introduces you to 50 essential oils and their vast array of uses, including pain and stress relief, aiding in weight loss, increasing focus and memory, and much more! You will discover easy DIY recipes for homemade scrubs, balms, and lotions, and inspiration and encouragement throughout.

Rediscover the good things God created and nurture your physical and spiritual health with this one-of-a-kind resource.

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What if you could find health and hope in something so simple it fits in the palm of your hand?

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“As a newbie to the world of essential oils, Dawn Camp is the wise and helpful guide I needed. Her book is beautiful and brilliant, practical and insightful. I know I’ll return to it again and again.”

Holley Gerth

Author of The Powerful Purpose of Introverts and Life Coach

“I’m always looking for resources to further my knowledge of the life-giving essential oils God gave us. This book was not only beautiful, enlightening, and eye-opening – but it also reignited a fire inside me to use my essential oils in new ways! I’m blown away at the things I’ve learned from this book, and recommend it to everyone – seasoned oilers and new oilers alike!”

Hannah Crews


“Wow, Dawn has a gift for taking what feels confusing and making it simple. It All Began in a Garden is a book that everyone needs to read because it helps us understand how God created us and how we can thrive on this beautiful earth. Instead of settling for physical pain, sickness, and mental struggles, there are answers in the creation of God’s world.”

Callie Ammons

Enneagram Life Coach & Living Enneagram Podcast Host

For Book Clubs, Groups, and More!

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It All Began in a Garden will help you better understand God’s gift of essential oils whether you’re new to the oily lifestyle or they’re an essential part of your life. Examples of how and where you can use this book:

  • Book Clubs
  • Oils Education Groups
  • Online Groups
  • Mini University: a smaller study of 4-8 oils based on needs or seasons

A group of ladies and I are compiling a group of study questions that will be available here to download. Create your group now everyone can receive the preorder bonuses!

Share this page today and ask, “Who wants to go through this book with me?”

Use Your Oils!

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It’s Launch Week for My Essential Oil Companion!

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