One of my favorite traditions of the Christmas season is a ladies’ prayer mug exchange. We had them years ago in my old homeschool group and now more recently at my church.

So what is a prayer mug exchange?

Each attendee at a prayer mug exchange brings a wrapped tea cup or mug with their name written on a piece of paper inside it. The mugs are placed on a table and you draw numbers to see who will pick one first.

Decide in advance whether you will keep the mug you open or whether you want to use Dirty Santa rules and allow people to steal! If you steal someone else’s mug, they can either choose a new, unopened one from the table or steal an opened mug from someone else. You cannot steal back the same mug that was just stolen from you.

We limit the number of steals for each mug to two. Once everyone has had a turn, the person with the number one can choose to keep their mug or steal someone else’s. It’s helpful to have a couple of extras on hand in case someone forgets to bring one and wants to participate.

Afterwards, take your mug home and pray for the person who brought it when you use it. I have mugs that I’ve used for years and remember the person who brought it to the prayer mug exchange each time.

You can easily incorporate a prayer mug exchange into any holiday party or as a special addition to a ladies’ lunch or brunch. There are so many cute and clever ones available! (Shop DaySpring $5 Mugs now!)

Have you ever participated in a prayer mug exchange? I hope you can incorporate one into an upcoming gathering!

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