It wasn’t my intention to start a 31 days series and let it fizzle after 10, but keeping up with that schedule showed me what I’d otherwise missed: I’m burned out right now—physically and mentally—and the late nights spent writing made it worse. I don’t plan to abandon the series, but it might look different, more photos and less text.

My husband and I celebrated our 29th anniversary this weekend. We spent Saturday in the north Georgia mountain town of Dahlonega, site of Georgia’s gold rush. First we went to Three Sisters Vineyards for Swine and Wine, where we ate the best barbecue sandwiches catered by Rib Country BBQ and walked through the vineyard with my camera. I haven’t downloaded the pictures yet (the ones in this post are from my phone), but I hope I got at least one keeper.

Photographing both an apple orchard and a vineyard this fall is exciting stuff!


Next we went to Dahlonega’s Gold Rush Days festival. Call me ambitious, but my primary objective was to find a caramel apple. When your goals are so lofty, your chance of success increases. I knew the Fudge Factory would have what I needed and they didn’t disappoint: thick, buttery caramel. Yum!

At one of the craft booths I found a necklace that was exactly me and the vendor made us a deal on matching earrings, so now I have anniversary jewelry!

We ended with a movie. No lovey dovey suspense (what, you didn’t know that was a category?), but actually the opposite: Fury, a realistic look at WWII through the eyes of an Allied tank crew. Violence, yes; language, yes; but actually a very good movie.

Anniversary weekend! #DateNight #SkyViewAtlanta

We extended our anniversary weekend with a trip downtown Sunday night. I found the gift cards I won and lost last year so we ate a free meal in a fancy restaurant and then used passes that I’d won to the new SkyView Atlanta Ferris wheel. Free is always good!

I’ll spend the end of this week at the Allume Conference, so I’m extra glad my husband and I had a full weekend together. One of the best pieces of marriage advice I can give you is this: never stop dating!


{This is days 14-20 of a 31 day series, 31 Days of Daily Grace. Find all posts in this series here.}

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