Hospitality was the overriding theme of last week’s Allume conference: both hospitality in your home and on your blog. But the final night I received a visible lesson in where its home truly lies: in your heart.

One of the attendees, Amanda, planned an after-party, but the guests she invited didn’t come. You know that feeling when you’ve prepared for company and no one shows? Yeah, I think she felt it, too.

Instead of feeling sorry for herself or embarrassed that the employees had set up an area especially for her group, Amanda—determined to share her hospitality with someone—stuck her head out the door and invited my friends and me to join her in a cozy restaurant on Main Street in downtown Greenville, SC.

She treated us to drinks and appetizers as if we were her intended guests and welcomed us like a host sharing her home. Her heart inclines toward hospitality and she made a place for it to happen. We spent a delightful evening around an extended table swapping stories, seasoned fries, and smiles.

I even got to share my encounter with Harry Connick Jr. with a new audience. 🙂

Amanda’s family practices hospitality on the road as a way of life; they call it Digital Tentmaking. They paid off their debts; sold their home; and travel the world homeschooling their three small children and connecting with other believers.

Tonight I discovered that Amanda (who loves Jane Austen and banjo music, just like me) has also written about the evening from her point of view. {Don’t you just love hearing both sides of a story?} Click over to read it and meet her here!


{This is day 29 of a 31 day series, 31 Days of Daily Grace. Find all posts in this series here.}

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