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My Essential Oil Companion

Herbal Remedies | Christian Inspirational

Used either as a companion to It All Began in a Garden or as a stand-alone book, My Essential Oil Companion provides the perfect place to record your personal recipes and contains fun facts, journaling questions, DIYs, testimonials, and a helpful Quick Guide to 50 fabulous essential oils.
My Essential Oil Companion

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Expand your knowledge and know-how of 50 different essential oils and go deeper with journaling questions, tips, tricks, and testimonials, plus plenty of space for recording notes.

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For Book Clubs, Groups, and More!

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It All Began in a Garden plus My Essential Oil Companion makes a powerhouse education combination! These books will help you better understand God’s gift of essential oils whether you’re new to the oily lifestyle or they’re an essential part of your life. Examples of how and where you can use this book:

  • Book Clubs
  • Oils Education Groups
  • Online Groups
  • Mini University: a smaller study of 4-8 oils based on needs or seasons

Share this page today and ask, “Who wants to go through these books with me?”

Use Your Oils!

It’s Launch Week for My Essential Oil Companion!

It’s Launch Week for My Essential Oil Companion!

When I discovered essential oils in the spring of 2015 I was full of questions: How many drops should I use? What’s the best carrier oil? Do I use this oil internally, externally, in the diffuser, or all of the above? I’m sure I made people crazy in my education...

Two Delicious Drinks for Your Day!

Two Delicious Drinks for Your Day!

I remember being so confused when I discovered essential oils. What exactly was I supposed to do with them? And those brown bottles sure seemed small. I quickly learned how potent quality essential oils are, although it was still hard to believe one drop of peppermint...

DIY Insect Repellant

DIY Insect Repellant

Spring has arrived but unfortunately so have the insects! If you'd like to enjoy the outdoors with fewer pests, try this DIY insect repellent using natural, plant-based ingredients. No DEET! When I made individual spray bottles for my teens to take to camp one summer,...

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