What’s Your Perfect Oil?

Take this 6-question quiz to find out!

1. Where would you spend your perfect day?

A. Hiking in the mountains
B. Playing at the beach
C. Exploring in the city
D. Relaxing at home.

2. What is your dream home?

A. A cabin in the woods
B. An island bungalow
C. A penthouse in the city
D. A house in a quiet suburb

3. What’s your favorite movie genre?

A. Action and adventure
B. Nature documentary
C. Mystery
D. Romantic comedy

4. As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A. A professional athlete
B. A forest ranger
C. An author
D. A teacher

5. Which outing would you choose?

A. A sporting event
B. A theme park
C. A museum, concert, or play
D. Shopping and a movie

6. Which word best describes you?

A. Athletic
B. Adventurous
C. Intellectual
D. Homebody
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