Today marks the ninth anniversary of this blog, My Home Sweet Home. I’m thankful that the combination of missing my mother and wanting to leave a legacy of words for my kids prompted me to begin, and that you’ve joined me for the journey, whether you’ve been here for years or pulled up a chair at my home sweet home online today.

Come celebrate with me as I revisit some of the many ways I’ve decorated this space throughout the years!

(Click on an image to see it full size.)

home sweet home header

About a month and a half into blogging, I became inspired by this post from Sophie Hudson, a.k.a. BooMama, and began to experiment with design. I ran an active business, Barefoot Blog Designs.

I met a lot of nice people, which you can find on the Gallery page, from this period of my online life.




This early design won first place in the 2nd annual Homeschool Blog Awards. Diary Girl, as I liked to call her, appeared in most of my blog’s headers for a few years.

My blog was called Home Sweet Home for the first year, until I moved to self-hosting and needed to buy a domain name. That’s when I discovered that URLs containing homesweethome belong to real estate companies, so I added My at the beginning and acquired as the address for this little corner of the internet.




As you can see, I liked to spiff things up for seasons and holidays!


My interest in blog design waned as my interest in photography grew. You can see keywords floating around in this header design from July 2009: photography, photoshop, homeschooling, family, lightroom.


In August of 2009 I asked you to help me choose a tagline. You can find the winner—Decorated with Family, Faith, and Photoshop—in the comments on that post.






Clearly, I still liked seasonal design changes!


This birds nest design was the only one done by someone else, the talented Heather Steck, a designer I met when I visited Arkansas in February 2012, to attend Camp Creativpreneur.


My site wore that design until last fall when I changed it to reflect the release of my first book, The Beauty of Grace.

Earlier this month I made the switch to a new blog theme, which changed the layout and allowed for a large image, minus text, in my blog’s header. I love this field of flowers from our trip to Callaway Gardens’ Summer Family Adventure (best family vacation ever), so for now it decorates the top of this space.

Based on history, that’s likely to change. 🙂

A Few Questions for You:

Do you blog? If so, for how long?
Is this your first time here or are you a long-time visitor?
Do you remember any of these old designs?

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