She looks me in the eye and says, “Do you have a group of people praying for you?” We met this morning, my new friend and I, but already she asks hard questions.

The truth is that no, I don’t have a group of people praying for me while I work on my second book. {I’m editor, writer, photographer, and secretary for a series of three books to be published by Revell in February 2015, 2016, and 2017, on the themes of faith, friendship, and marriage. Read more about it here.}

She tells me about a writing project when she asked people to pray for her. Later, she assumed she could handle things on her own and attempted a second one without this level of support. The results were drastically different.

“I’ll pray,” she nods, and I sense that hers is a friendship that will only grow and do me good in the years to come.

On Sunday morning I tell my church about my book(s) and ask for their prayers. It’s not easy to say and I can’t finish without tears. I hate to cry in public and I’m humbled, but I know I need this. My family and I have been in hard places during the year and a half I’ve written a book proposal, submitted my first book, and begun work on the second and third.

I want my people to be a part of this. This book is for them, for me, for you.

After church, friend after friend hugs me and pledges to pray. They ask questions and I feel them dip down to help shoulder my load; it feels lighter.

I covet your prayers, too.

Do you ask for prayer when you need it? How can I pray for you today?

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