Camera Phone Friday #53

1. Loving my new mug from the Redeemed collection @dayspringcards @dayspring, 2. 1st game of the season, 3. In my shade garden, 4. The Wizard of Oz, 5. Acting workshop after Wizard of Oz, 6. New pet

Camera Phone Friday Week #53 (collage 2)

1. About to try the limited edition dark chocolate filled. Mmmmmmm, 2. Let’s just say I’m in a happy place @krispykreme

Have you ever forgotten to change the clocks for Daylight Savings Time? I have. When my husband had been married for less than two weeks I showed up on Monday morning for classes (I attended Dartmouth College at the time) an hour early, which meant I sat down in the right lecture hall but the wrong class.

Apparently I should have been quite impressed with the guest speaker that day instead of sneaking out the back, receiving dirty looks from faculty for what was apparently considered rude behavior. My new husband went to work an hour early, too.

It’s a testimony to our distracted state of newlywedhood (my web browser doesn’t think this is a word and neither do I) that it took two days for us to realize that we’d neglected to claim the extra hour we’d rightfully gained.

So here’s your reminder: set your clocks forward tomorrow night and get ready for longer days.

Did you catch Bonnie Gray’s guest post here yesterday on the healing power of photography? You won’t want to miss it!

On Fridays you’re invited to link up your camera phone photo or photos from the week, either from a post or hosted somewhere online. Directions are here for getting a link to an individual photo that’s been posted to Instagram.

What did your camera phone capture this week?

Camera Phone Friday

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