Camera Phoneography

Camera phone photography—a.k.a. camera phonography—is addictive. Camera phones are handy tools for capturing the memories in the moments, seeking the beauty in the mundane of everyday life.

I’ve enjoyed posting weekly camera phone collages here and I’d love for you to participate in my photo linkies and add your camera phone images, too, whether you link to a blog post or individual image on flickr, Instagram (scroll down for directions to get a unique Instagram URL link), or hosted on another site.

If you link to a blog post, be sure to use the URL (web address) for your particular post, not your blog’s address.


I create bigger collages using Big Huge Labs’ Mosaic Maker. It is easy to use, either pulling photos from your Flickr stream, Facebook, uploading them, or from somewhere else you’ve stored them online (enter URL).

I’ve drawn some arrows here to show you the key points for creating a collage: choose the number of columns and rows (you can change it after you’ve started); see the shape preview of how your layout will look; click that “Choose Photo” button to upload photos or grab them from Flickr or Facebook.

Big Huge Labs' Mosaic Maker

Once you’re finished, you can download it or save it to Flickr right from Big Huge Labs.

Single Instagram Images

Instagram makes it a little complicated to find your photos online, but here’s how you can get a link for individual images: go to Instagrid (it’s fun seeing your images online and together there) and click the “Get Started” button. Once you’ve linked it to your Instagram account you’ll have an address like (your Instagram username will be after You can view your Instagram photos in either a grid or list view (see in my profile where you can switch between the two?).

instagram iconSwitch to list view, click the tiny Instagram icon under your image and you’ll see your image on its own page, which you can use for the linky!

Click here to see all camera phone collages and related posts.

I like to post weekly recaps of my camera phone photos. If you’d like to play along, grab the button code and link up on Fridays.

Camera Phone Friday

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