Camera Phone Friday #32

1. Sunday morning services 2. First day. Kicked my butt. 3. Guitar statue 4. The hubs, @labeldude, on @ScottKelby’s worldwide photo walk with me #wwpw 5. Superhero row #wwpw 6. Amen. #wwpw 7. True dat. #wwpw 8. Dahlonega square #wwpw 9. Main Street U.S.A. #wwpw 10. Awesome hubs @labeldude toting my bag & instagramming #wwpw 11. Teaching biology @classicalconversations 12. Earl Grey, take me away!

Welcome! For those of you who’ve found your way here while cruising the 700+ blogs participating in the 31 Days series (I’m #528, thankyouverymuch), let me tell you about Camera Phone Friday. Currently in its 32nd week, Camera Phone Friday pays tribute to the gloriously mundane details of my everyday life as captured by my iPhone 4 and documented via the Instagram app.

At the bottom of the post you’ll find a button to grab and even a cool photo linky where you can submit your own camera phone images each week. You don’t have to write a blog post, just link to an image on Flickr or Instagram if you like. Check this page for more info on how I create collages out of my Instagram photos, like the one at the top of this post, or how to get a link for an individual Instagram image. (This page can be accessed at any time via the “Camera Phonography” tab at the top of my blog. I need to update it to include the assortment of photography apps I use on my phone.)

If you’re on Instagram, my username is dawncamp. (FYI: Instagram is currently available only for iPhone or iPad, but I’ve heard that PicPlz is the closest alternative for droid users.) See How to Create Your Own Instagallery for how I display these photos in our home.

Love watching 16yo brother teaching 6yo sister to read

Most of this week’s shots are from Scott Kelby’s 4th Worldwide Photo Walk last weekend (I attended the Dahlonega, GA, walk), but one of my favorites is this one of my 16-year-old son helping teach his 6-year-old sister to read. He saw me double-tasking—teaching her phonics while dictating sentences for a grammar lesson to her 11-year-old sister—and jumped right in to help.

Moments like this sweeten the rough days.

What did your phone capture this week?

Camera Phone Friday

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