Camera Phone Collage #28 (#3)

1. Late night birthday cake, 2. Birthday cow, 3. Moo!!!!, 4. (messy) birthday lunch @Moes_HQ

Camera Phone Collage #28 (#2)

1. Blackberry French Toast @SignesBakery, 2. Signe’s Heaven Bound Bakery in #HiltonHead, 3. My birthday boy talked me into breakfast & lunch dates today, 4. Gasoline on the asphalt looks like an eye, 5. My man & @Chilis. What more could I want? (except maybe to win the Words With Friends game we’re playing), 6. A song for Sunday, 7. Pillow Talk Barbie Collectibles. Whoa., 8. da Vinci & van Gogh inspired . . . Barbies?, 9. Tee game & Fried Apples can only be… @jamieworley @fruitnseason

Camera Phone Collage #28

1. @theinspiredroom @espheather @Nester #inHHI, 2. @incourage in real life #inhhi, 3. Dream God Sized Dreams (model @beautyandbedlam, bracelet @lisaleonard, 4. Heading to @RobertIrvineEat with @annvoskamp & @simplemom, 5. Shaken Iced Tea Lemonade, 6. With @nester @simplemom @theinspiredroom @heatheresp @beautyandbedlam at #hiltonhead Goodwill, 7. Baby @jessicanturner being admired by @annvoskamp @incourage #hiltonhead retreat #inHHI, 8. Instagramming with @incourage @nester, 9. This is @incourage in real life (@deidrariggs @inspiredbryant @thegypsymama)

What did your camera phone shoot this week?

Camera Phone Friday

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