Thank you to the High Museum of Art and Target for offering free admission to the High in Atlanta on the first four Thursdays in September. Our family really enjoyed our free visit yesterday, although I apologize for monopolizing Instagram. That’s just the kind of thing that rocks my iPhone (and I wasn’t in the mood to tote my real camera—which is having dirt-in-the-body issues at the moment—and ask at each exhibit whether I’m allowed to use it).

We were psyched to see that the Woodruff Arts Center was included. Five of us actually made a return trip to Atlanta to see the season premiere at the Alliance Theatre, Into the Woods, but we got caught in one of those major league Atlanta traffic jams and eventually gave up turned around for home. We did have a nice, unscheduled stop at Barnes and Noble, though.

Camera Phone Friday #30 (collage #2)

1. We’re loving our afternoon @highmuseumofart, 2. Daughter drawing my portrait, 3. Art appreciation, 4. Statue & my real girl downtown

Camera Phone Friday #30 (collage #3)

1. It just makes me happy seeing my friend @holleygerth’s book here in B&N 🙂, 2. 1st day of ballet (got to get the clothes & shoes), 3. Fun day downtown, 4. Architectural masterpiece, 5. Should I be disturbed that the drawing hubby was drawing of me morphed into Thor?, 6. Portrait work, 7. Inside/ Outside, 8. Georgia O’Keeffe, 9. High Museum

Camera Phone Friday #30 (collage #1)

1. What do you think is happening here? (GA artist Kojo Griffin), 2. We’re in the art, 3. Backside of my new @lisaleonard owl necklace, 4. New puppy won in the claw game, 5. My gal pals. Our husbands were ordained together as deacons today, 6. Batch of @thepioneerwoman’s apple dumplings, ready for the oven!, 7. Skyping brother at college, 8. Sidewalk art, 9. Friday Night Moe’s

Guinea PigThis week has been a difficult one with pets. We’ve lost two guinea pigs. We’re not sure what happened to the first one; the kids think the weather change got him with the windows open in their room.

The second one wedged her head between the bars of a cage that she’s lived in for years and apparently panicked trying to get out and hurt herself. She was still alive when we got home and my 14-year-old daughter held her until she died in her arms. We stood outside in the rain last night and buried her in the back yard. My daughter is devastated; she really loved that guinea pig.

What have you done this week and did you use your camera phone to capture it? Link up your photos below!

Camera Phone Friday

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