Camera Phone Friday Week #29 (collage 2)

1. *Adore* my new necklace from @lisaleonard, 2. Son fake vomiting ice cream in background 😛, 3. Free Kids Night & balloon animals @Chickfila, 4. Funky Tinkerbell balloon, 5. Monkey art in Foundations @ClassicalConversations, 6. My gardenias are blooming again, 7. My Home Sweet Home 🙂, 8. Can I actually eat a foot long coney @Sonic? Will see . . ., 9. And yet more sparklers. . .

Camera Phone Friday Week #29 (collage 1)

1. , 2. More sparklers (no filter), 3. Playing with sparklers, 4. My new super cute Bible case (can you guess my favorite color?), 5. Boxes of retro candy @crackerbarrel **love**, 6. My partner in crime driving to & from the @incourage trip to #hiltonhead @pensieverobin #inhhi, 7. If Dawn’s at the wheel, who took the pic??? @PensieveRobin, 8. @incourage gals @lisaleonard @sarahmarkley @holleygerth @kristen_strong on #inrl twitter chat, 9. The next #inrl prize

My intentions are to visit everyone who plays along with  Camera Phone Friday, although that doesn’t always happen. Your participation is appreciated and I thank you!

Camera Phone Friday

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