Camera Phone Friday Week #24

1. I have a weakness for cherry turnovers 2. Great quote! 3. Got milk?
4. Thunder in the Vicinity? 5. Burger date with the hubby – love the peanuts! 6. Hoolahoop queen!
7. Loving my new @TJMaxx find! 8. Lunch date @varsitydrivein with my 11yod
9. Getting ready for a late dinner

This week’s Camera Phone Friday features Arby’s cherry turnovers, peanuts at Five Guys Burgers and Fries, and onion rings from The Varsity. I missed snapping my Close Talker salad at Moe’s; must have been too busy talking. And eating.

In this collage is the chair I mentioned finding (and failing to Instagram) at TJ Maxx last week. It is so very, very me, and even has a pop-up footrest: it was love at first sight. One or more family members guarded it until we finally just hauled it to the front for safe keeping until time to check out.

The last picture shows our new dining room table! Although I love our hutch and we reupholstered our chairs last November, the table has been sagging and unloved (by me, at least) for some time. It took assurances from three salesmen and The Nester to convince me that it’s okay to pair a black table with our pine chairs and hutch. I’d never thought of keeping the pieces we liked and replacing the one we didn’t until now. It’s much larger, which is a big plus since there are nine of us eating here most nights.

We were all giddy and excited sitting around it to eat for the first time. Our 20-year-old son’s prayer made me cry. Life is so full of blessings—take the time to count them.

Everything you ever wanted to know about making camera phone mosaics but were too afraid to ask can be found here. Cool project for camera phone toting DIY-types can be found here.

Camera Phone Friday

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