Camera Phone Friday Week #23

1. @QuaverMusic booth 2. Our homeschool heroes: @QuaverMusic & @MathUSee
3. @QuaverMusic & friend 4. With @dearabbyleigh in Atlanta!
5. Take me out to the ballgame! 6. Beach boy
7. Cooking with #TeamATL for #Lawrys 8. Yum – mushrooms! #teamatl #lawrys
9. Working on homemade pizza! #lawrys #teamatl 10. Whoosh! Pizza cutting with #teamatl #lawrys
11. Daughter insisted I photographed her “polka dot pancakes” 🙂 12. Beach time
13. My entry for the @photojojo #pjinstagram photo contest 14. My youngest & I playing on our iPads
15. Our tomatoes are growing! 16. Fresh shucked corn. mmmmm!

Oh, my goodness it’s been a busy week! Bits and pieces of it made it into my Instagram stream. Here’s a recap:

Friday & Saturday: worked the Quaver Music (the website went live this week—check it out!) booth at the Southeast Homeschool Expo; left and drove directly to the Gwinnett Braves minor league game

Sunday: church; bought a fabulous chair at TJ Maxx that I forgot to Instagram; fun at the lake

Monday: prescreening of The Help; lunch date with hubby; team cooking with 5 other bloggers for Lawry’s contest (more to come)

Tuesday: interview with author, director, and actors from The Help (Kathryn StockettTate TaylorViola DavisOctavia Spencer); picked up 40 lb. of raw chicken breasts (most interesting blog perk ever; review to come); more fun at the lake

Wednesday: Moe’s, church meeting at friends’ home

Thursday: free summer kids movie (only time we’ve made it this year)

Friday: some of the kids have plans, but hopefully I just get to breathe before a busy Saturday

Whew! It makes me tired again just typing it.

What did you do this week? Got camera phone photos to share?

Camera Phone Friday

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