Sign on my kitchen counter when I got homeOn Sunday I was fresh from my wonderful Mother’s Day, sitting in my hotel room where I wrote two posts and laid out the week’s topics and titles. I was so excited to talk about camera phonography and art (were you?).

Unfortunately, I didn’t take a hard look at my calendar or I would have realized there would barely be time to eat, sleep, and breathe, much less write, and so Monday’s post (the second in the hotel room on my overnight “mommy time” trip) was as far as I got.

I can so totally relate ;)
Basically, it was a choice between being a good mom or a good chauffeur blogger, and the good mom card trumped. I’ve been to Mock Trial (we won!); Spring Concert; Moe’s night (don’t for a minute believe that this isn’t a firm calendar commitment); the new Dolphin Tales show at the Georgia Aquarium; a baseball game; a choir awards ceremony and year-end dance; and a girls’ night out.

Honesty compels me to admit that I actually just delivered people (and a forgotten cleat) to the awards ceremony/dance and baseball game, and went to the girls’ night out, which I really needed.

Phone Photo FridayI produced a much more respectable Instagram collage this week, and although I plan to do a better job of launching the camera phonography linky, I’ve got one here today. My camera phone was hopping this week!

I’d love it if you added your camera phonography to the linky below. You can link to either a blog post or an individual image hosted somewhere like flickr.

Weekly Camera Phone Collage #11

Too young to play the blues | Clover | 9yos on the mound | Seth Godin | The Precious
Quiet lunch | Welcome to Fabulous | Mock Trial | Chili’s Blue Ribbon Salad | Beluga Whale
Chillin’ with penguins | Interesting | Lionfish | Jellyfish | Albino Alligator
Polished stones | What’ll ya have? | @TheVarsity | Girls’ Night Out | I can totally relate

For tips on making collages or linking individual images, see the new Camera Phonography tab in my top navigation bar.

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