nestlelunchIn our sixteen years as a homeschooling family, one thing that I’ve seen can make or break a successful schedule is lunch routines, or the lack thereof. If lunch is served at a specific time and we know in advance what we’re having, things run smoothly. If we just wing it, the day falls apart; any homeschooling mom can tell you it’s hard to grab those reins again once that happens.

I’m happy to be partnering with Nestle and featuring some great products to help you handle the changes that back to school or back to (home) school brings to your day-to-day routine.

Juicy Juice

Our family has been drinking Juicy Juice for years. My favorite thing is that there are no artificial sugars or ingredients: all juice. My kids’ favorite thing is the taste.

I love that it comes in both bottles for home and juice boxes for on the go, perfect for sticking in the kids’ backpacks for snack time at our homeschool co-op or for a school lunchbox.

Juicy Juice has developed some innovative products: Juicy Juice Brain Development enhanced with DHA; Juicy Juice Immunity; and Harvest Surprise, a fruit and veggie blend.

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I’m not above bribery to keep my kids in line and motivated during school. I’m also not above snacks that are deceptively good for them. Nestle offers both.

Wonka Candies such as Laffy Taffy, Everlasting Gobstoppers, Sweet Tarts, Spree, and Nerds are feel-good snacks at their finest. What an awesome afternoon treat or lunchbox surprise. (I confess to eating as much Laffy Taffy as the kids. They love telling the silly jokes on the wrappers, too.)

We had an all-out search party at my house this week looking for a “missing” box of Gobstoppers; it was finally discovered that my 18-year-old son had taken the whole box to work.

Whoever came up with the idea of coating raisins in chocolate was brilliant. Raisinets come packaged both in single serving and larger boxes.

Bottled Water

Nestle offers several popular brands of bottled water. As hot as it is here in Georgia, we have to keep bottled water on hand for cross country and baseball seasons, or any kind of picnic or outdoor get-together. Nestle makes Ozarka, Poland Spring, Deer Park, Nestle Pure Life, and more.

Here are some lunch and snack links that might be a help to your family:

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