[UPDATED TO ADD: My NAPP promo code, DAWN, also gets a $10 discount at checkout on your NAPP membership.]

napp4hpbottomI’m now the NAPP Evangelist for my demographic: SAHMs, mom bloggers/designers/homeschoolers/digiscrappers (if you’re here, you probably fit the bill)! NAPP is the National Association of Photoshop Professionals, an organization run by folks who love Photoshop so much that they just can’t contain it – they want to teach it to you and me, too. NAPP is truly “Where everyone learns Photoshop.”

Dictionary.com defines an evangelist as “a person marked by evangelical enthusiasm for or support of any cause.” I’ve been sold on NAPP since the day I first attended a KelbyTraining LIVE seminar tour. Attending Photoshop World in Las Vegas last year cemented the deal. They had me at Scott Kelby/Joe McNally/Matt Kloskowski/Rick Sammon/Lesa Snider King. . .you get the picture.

How does this benefit you?

NAPP is giving me the support to make this NAPP Evangelist position succeed! Type in promo code “DAWN” (all caps, no quotes) when joining NAPP and you will get a $10 discount and Scott Kelby’s Photo Recipes Live Behind the Scenes: Your Guide to Today’s Most Popular Lighting Techniques DVD/book combo. (If you’re a homeschooler, be sure to apply for an Educational Membership.)

I’ll soon begin a series entitled “9 Days of NAPP” featuring an assortment of NAPP-related websites, resources, and other cool stuff. Believe me, you don’t want to miss it because there are also three big giveaways! (Links for email or feed reader subscriptions are available in the sidebar.)

It’s been my personal goal to reach a largely untapped pool of future NAPP members – moms just like me. Please help me spread the word! It will benefit all of us if companies recognize us as potential Photoshop World attendees and offer sponsorships the way they do for other conferences like BlogHer. (I’m raising my hand really high here – sponsor me!)

Also, if NAPP sees lots of those “DAWN” codes coming in for new memberships, I’m hoping they’ll get stoked and shower lots of lovin’ on us. You want to hear something cool? They’re even sending gifts to the members I’ve referred in the past.

I’m starting a new weekly post featuring Photoshop/NAPP-related links around the blogosphere. If you have one to recommend, send it to me via the Contact form.

Please leave it in comments if you are already a NAPP member, or if you plan to join now or in the future!

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