Honestly, I wasn’t trying to build endless suspense last Wednesday when I mentioned that another blogger might attend Photoshop World with me. (Go here for the whole scoop on my adventure.)  I just never imagined it would be five days before I was able to sit down and write about it.

Tina, a.k.a. Antique Mommy, is one of my favorite bloggers.  I had the pleasure of meeting her at She Speaks. We’ve become Twitter buddies, too, and email back and forth about things like blog design and Photoshop.

Last Tuesday in the middle of my Photoshop World sponsorship drive furor, Tina emailed me and said, “What the heck is this Photoshop World thing you keep harping about?”

Okay, so maybe those weren’t her exact words, but I caught the tone that she was interested.

I explained the whole deal, and then said, “The problem now is that I need airfare and hotel.  A nice roommate would help.  Want to go to Vegas next month?”

Those actually were my exact words.

We worked out the details, like the fact that I was DEAD SERIOUS when I asked if she wanted to go to Vegas.  Of invaluable assistance on the inside has been Nancy Masse, who works with Kelby Media Group.  I’m not sure of the extent of her duties, but she is the creative voice behind NAPP‘s Twitter account and I think she writes their email newsletter.  Although she may not be aware of it, we’re BFF.  Totally.  I’m going to track her down through Twitter at the conference.

How is my sponsorship drive going?  So good of you to ask.  Here’s the updated sponsors list:

Scott Kelby


Pat Layton

Heart of the Matter Online

Proverbs 31 Ministries

Amy Bayliss


Red River Paper


I’m still very much in need of additional sponsorship.  Please spread the word to any companies who might be interested in helping me and receiving some publicity in the process.  My Sponsors’ Page is ready for additions!

I originally indicated last Friday as the deadline I needed for sponsors, but that was the deadline for reserving a room (which I did).  My goal is now less, too, since I was able to purchase a plane voucher for a discounted rate and GOT A ROOMMATE!  (Tina is my BFF now, too.)

Now the big question is: Can you get decent sweet tea in Vegas?

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