I was horrified in my late 20’s when I heard a commercial for some sort of vocabulary building product. It said that we don’t acquire new vocabulary after the age of 25, and I had already passed that mark. I would like to think of myself as a lifetime learner, so I do try to learn something new whenever I can. I live by the motto: Use a word 3 times and it’s yours. I like to play the Match Up game at The Free Dictionary. The Word of the Day is good, too. You can make a Google homepage for your web browser and add all of these things to it, and much more.

Yesterday at the quilt shop I learned some new vocabulary, or sewing/quilting lingo:

Fat quarters – Please don’t ask me to use this intelligently in a sentence or give you a proper definition. I can sort of visualize it if I try really hard. I don’t feel too bad since it’s not even on Wikipedia. I think I should get some kind of prize for knowing a phrase that you can’t find there.
“Playing together” – This refers to fabrics and colors that harmonize well together on your project, in this case, your quilt. I’m still not sure if we’re referring to the play of pattern and color, or using personification to describe how well these fabrics interact.

Years ago, I had a dry erase board where I listed a new vocabulary word each week for us to learn. I got a real kick each week out of everyone’s reaction to the new word, which was usually quite random. Hmmm, maybe I should start that again…

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