Today begins a new normal for our family as my husband starts his new job; I feel like I sent off a child to a new school. He left home at 6 a.m. so Atlanta traffic could not making him late on Day 1.

Bryan not only lost his job of 17 years on April 3, but also the day-to-day interaction of co-workers who’d become friends. He didn’t dwell on it, but I know he felt it. He’d spent more waking hours of the work week with them than us for a long time.

Now we’re hitting the reset button on our Monday-Friday routines. In order to meet his 10:30 bedtime goal on the first night, we sacrificed our nightly binge of Turn: Washington’s Spies in favor of an early shower for him while I steamed wrinkles from his dress shirts.

I will miss our days together but I’m thankful we enjoyed them, unclouded (for the most part) by fears for our future. We think this new position is the best for him out of all the possibilities, and it wasn’t even available when the job search began.

Never doubt the Lord’s perfect timing.

Bryan has a deeper understanding of our days at home, although he mostly saw our summer schedule rather than the school year routine.

Three of the kids are out-of-town with friends and the remaining daughter just left for the day. It’s awfully quiet.

Is there an area of your life where you have to (or need to) hit the reset button and establish a new normal?

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