April 2017 Desktop Calendar Small

Last Saturday my husband and I officially became grandparents! Our four kids who still live at home traveled with us to Oxford, Mississippi, to meet their new nephew, a precious baby boy named Maddux (after the great Braves’ picture—our son is quite the fan).

I snapped these tulips on an early-spring day on the Oxford square, with the Lafayette County Courthouse hovering in the background.

We got home Wednesday night and I promptly injured my hand on Thursday and ended up in the ER. I saw a hand doctor Friday and I’m sporting a splint; of course it’s my right hand.

It’s a minor miracle that no bones are broken.

Believe it or not, a go cart landed on my hand. It’s a crazy dramatic story that I will tell when I can type with two hands or figure out voice dictation on my computer.

Suffice it to say, it took one million hours to make this month’s desktop calendar. I hope you like it!

Download April’s Calendar!


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