Happy New Year!

Y’all, I’ve had so much fun playing with something called Pixel Bender that apparently I downloaded for Photoshop a long time ago and never used (I have CS5). This filter is called Oil Paint and you can probably guess why. You can’t really appreciate the affect until you see a larger copy.

I took a photograph and ran it through the Oil Paint filter to achieve this look. Please install it on your desktop and then click back over and let me know if you like it. “Yes, more of this” or “No, never again.” 🙂

I would love your feedback! 🙂

Last month I uploaded the calendars to Flickr but some of you had trouble downloading it—I even had trouble on my phone—so this month you can download it the usual way. Only the preview image at the top of the post is hosted on Flickr (click it to see a larger copy of the image).

Download January’s Desktop Calendar



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