I’m election-weary.

Weary of the venom. Weary of the uncertainty. Weary of the quarrels I see in my Facebook feed. Weary of the media’s endless revelations about the candidates, each worse than the last.

But mostly I’m weary of my inability to quiet my spirit and hold fast to the knowledge that God sits on His throne; He has not abdicated His authority to man. He reigns in heaven and earth and no election can change that.

There is no (D) or (R) beside His name. He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. The I AM.

God does not want my fear {see 2 Timothy 1:7}. He wants my trust in Him and my prayers for whomever we elect to public office. This election season is a mere stitch in the tapestry of time, but His is the hand that weaves it.

Please join me for the rest of the post today at (in)courage as we pray for our country and for perspective before next week’s election!

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