April 2016 Desktop Calendar

Only our two youngest daughters are home for spring break, so it’s quiet around here. I turned in my third book, The Heart of Marriage, this weekend so I’m enjoying the slower pace after a period of focused work.

Yesterday I took my girls and a friend to Sawnee Mountain, a local landmark and a great place for a short hike, where we reached the summit and sat on the Indian Seats overlooking a beautiful spread of land, the shadow of the north Georgia mountains outlined in the distance.

Sawnee Mountain Preserve has an outdoor ampitheater surrounded by dogwoods and these lovely pink-blooming shrubs (a Google search names them Camilla’s Blush). I try to photograph them each spring while the blooms are fresh and we picked a perfect day!

Tomorrow I fly to Pennsylvania for the Winsome Retreat. The local forecast predicts snow on Friday and Saturday and I am tickled pink as the blooms of Camilla’s Blush (unless I get stuck, but they only predict an inch). It’s tricky packing for a trip at the change of seasons when you don’t know if it will be warm or cool. I not only know to take a coat, but I get to wear the new Keen boots I ordered from Zulily and have only worn once. {This makes me very happy.}

How are temperatures where you live? Are you ready for spring or would you like a little more cool weather?

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