August 2015 desktop calendar
I love to watch the bees swarm my Rose of Sharon at this time of year, although they’re a challenge to photograph. You see, the bee buries itself head-first in the flower and rolls around, covering its body with pollen. When he turns toward you—the moment when you could get a good image—he’s ready to fly away to the next bloom.

It requires patience and a willingness to forget that your hands are too close to those busy bees!


stormtrooperI took this photo in my yard yesterday too; it cracks me up. Look closely and you’ll see how the bee points menacingly at the nearby wasp, partially hidden beneath the leaf. He makes me think of a character from Star Wars. Click the pic to see it bigger (the bee, not the stormtrooper).

Take your camera outside with you this week when you go to the mailbox or walk your dog. There’s a lot of beauty waiting outside your door!

Download August’s desktop calendar!



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