Yesterday I attended an event sponsored by Wellspring Living, an organization who helps victims of DMST (domestic minor sex trafficking) by giving them the courage to move forward with their lives and the confidence to succeed.

They help restore lives.

You might think sexual trafficking exists only in third world countries, in places far from your own backyard, but you’d be wrong. This modern form of slavery robs young girls of their lives and freedom and Atlanta ranks as one of the major hubs in this country.

Girls as young as eight years old, with an average age of 14, are being sexually exploited here. As the mother of four daughters, my heart breaks for the lives and innocence lost and families destroyed.

One hundred thousand children are sexually exploited. 100,000. Let’s Make It Zero.

Please consider joining the #MakeItZero movement by visiting this page and learning how to spread awareness. Although we can be thankful if this problem doesn’t touch our lives directly, we can’t pretend it isn’t happening. There’s also a donation form at the bottom of the page.

Could you give $14 today, February 14, to help end sexual trafficking?


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