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Sunday night my husband and I experienced Cirque du Soleil for the first time when we saw Amaluna at Atlanta’s Atlantic Station. I expected an over-the-top visual experience, but I wasn’t prepared for performers whose abilities extended beyond what I believed possible.

More than once I shook my head in disbelief: the human body is capable of amazing things with skill and practice.

Amaluna runs here in Atlanta until November 30, 2014. Leave a comment at the bottom of this post for your chance to win four tickets!

Fun Facts about Cirque du Soleil and Amaluna

After the show we stayed for a Q&A session with a representative from the show and learned some fascinating facts about Cirque du Soleil and Amaluna in particular.

  • Performers do their own makeup, which consists of 15-20 pages worth of instruction. With practice, it can be completed in 40 minutes to an hour.
  • Amaluna is self-sustainable: the tent, 2600 seats, and full set travel from location to location in 64 trucks.
  • A typical Cirque du Soleil cast is 70-75% male, but Amaluna is 70% female with a 100% female band.
  • Nineteen different Cirque du Soleil productions are currently on tour around the world.
  • It takes 8 days to set up for Amaluna and 3 days to tear it back down.
  • Cirque du Soleil performers come from a variety of backgrounds, from multi-generation circus families to athletes scouted at athletic events.
  • The Amaluna set contains a large water bowl, which takes 4 hours to fill and weighs 4000 lb.; the water, kept at 98°, is filtered and only filled once per city.
  • Amaluna travels with a kitchen and 3 chefs.
  • It is estimated that 165,000 people will see Amaluna in Atlanta.
  • The story fuses classical elements, including tales from Greek and Norse mythology, Mozart’s The Magic Flute, and Shakespeare’s The Tempest.
  • It takes 2-4 years to create a new Cirque du Soleil production before it goes on stage, from visuals to marketing to costumes to performers learning their parts.








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Enter to Win Tickets for Four!

Leave a comment at the bottom of this post for your chance to win tickets for four to see Amaluna in Atlanta on Tuesday, October 28, at 7:30 p.m.! Have you ever seen a Cirque du Soleil performance? If so, which one?

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[Disclosure: Tickets provided for review and giveaway. The photos in this post (other than the selfie at the top!) aren’t mine, but are from the show’s press release.]

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