Sometimes when I look through my camera, I think God shows me secret places: reflections in raindrops; the veins of a leaf; pollen on the antennae of a bee; beams of light that skim branches and illuminate honeysuckle on the vine; an insect’s shadow as it crawls across a leaf above me.

Will another human eye witness what I see? I like to imagine it’s a private conversation between me and my Creator.

Rusty Bolt

Leaves after the Rain

Rain on Leaf

Peek-a-Boo Bug

Bug on Leaf

Honeysuckle in Sunlight

Black and White Honeysuckle

Macro Yellow Wildflower

Yellow Wildflowers

Macro Blue Eye

Underside of Leaf

Words on a Rail

St. Francis of Assisi Quote

Psalm 25:4

Wooded Path

Knot in Beam

His glory is everywhere. What have you explored with your camera this spring?

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