Saturday I attended a friend’s funeral, the second in a handful of months. A cheerful wife and mother to three sons, Allison spent her last night at the Fox Theatre with her family, later posting, “The Lion King was fantastic! So thankful to see it with my boys.”

Spurred by a comment from a Sunday school class, she and her husband discussed whether they would want to know the date of their death, a conversation which took place just 16 hours before she died. He said no—as no doubt most of us would—but she said yes. Yes to living those last days intentionally, living them well.

So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom. – Psalm 90:12

Her oldest son, a high school senior, spoke at his mother’s funeral and it was obvious how much his mother invested in him, in her family, and I wondered:

Does my family knows how much I love them?

Have I taught and lived in a way that would carry them through in my absence?

Do my kids know I’m proud of them?

Do they know my heart and my hope in their futures?

Do I live a visible faith?

Do I reflect a love—as was so eloquently described at the funeral—powered by the cross?

Do I share my utter dependence on God or keep it hidden, too proud to reveal my brokenness?

How would we live if we knew the number of our days? Maybe we should live that way now.

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