It’s been almost a week since Mother’s Day and advertisers have shifted the focus to fathers. So, how did you fare? Was the day fabulous or a fail?

Mother’s Day can be rough. Don’t let the snapshots of cards and flowers and big smiles on Facebook fool you. It’s hard for a day surrounded by so much hype to deliver.

So, my friend . . .

If you made your own breakfast or cleaned up the mess from the breakfast that was made for you.

If you sat in the nursery during church with a crying baby or a cranky toddler.

If the extent of your teen’s acknowledgement was a text from her bedroom down the hall.

If you threw your purse in frustration and then sat in your closet and wondered why your child won’t listen to you, even on this day. (That would be me.)

If you spent the day alone.

If the phone didn’t ring.

If the restaurant wait was too long on this day when you weren’t supposed to cook.

If you just wanted to sit and cry, overwhelmed and defeated.

Just because your Mother’s Day was a fail, doesn’t mean you’re a failure as a mom.

Maybe your Mother’s Day was picture perfect but the following week not so much, and you wonder if anyone appreciates you beyond that one day in your honor …

Remember: You are loved and valued by Creator of the universe. The day-to-day, mundane rituals—the cooking, the cleaning, the chauffeuring, the getting up and doing it again—of your life have meaning.

Shaping and nurturing the next generation is an important job.

It can be hard to rely on attagirls that only come from a source you can’t see or hear, can’t it? So let’s take a moment and ask ourselves a crucial question. Is. It. Enough? And then take a deep breath and remember:

He is always enough. Always.

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