Moms' Night Out

To every mom who’s convinced she’s messing up her kids.

To every mom who serves cold cereal for supper.

To every mom who hides in her closet. From her children.

To every mom who keeps the local pizza joint on speed dial.

To every mom whose cooking, clothing, and crafts aren’t particularly pinnable.

To every mom who can’t find the couch for the piles of clean laundry, the floor for the piles of dirty laundry, and whose children name the dust bunnies.

To every mom who is stress paralyzed or has a moment on a regular basis.

To every mom who sometimes looks at her life—even if it’s exactly what she wanted—and wonders why she’s not happy.

To every mom who’s convinced she isn’t enough.

Moms’ Night Out is for you.

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Last night I invited three girlfriends to my home. We laughed over dinner and then screened Moms’ Night Out thanks to an advanced copy from Tri-Star Pictures. It’s laugh-out-loud funny, tear-jerkingly realistic, and captures motherhood in a profoundly authentic way.

Here’s what my friends had to say:



Filmmakers and critics tout profane language and content as real life in a world where movies with a PG-rating are refreshing and rare. But that’s not how life looks for many of us.

Although I’ve never searched for a missing baby in a tattoo parlor or been accidentally arrested, I watched Moms’ Night Out and said, “That could totally happen.” I appreciate the genuine portrayal of faith in a movie I can watch with my family.

It fulfilled my qualifier for a good movie: I have to care about what happens to the characters, and I did.

Enjoy this clip from my favorite scene and be sure to grab a tissue!

Moms’ Night Out releases this Friday, May 9, in time for Mother’s Day weekend—a gift you’re sure to love! Take your mom. Take your best friend. Let your husband and kids take you, but please, girlfriend, go see it. You can thank me later. Find it at a theater near you.

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