This 2005 Easter morning photo is a classic representation of motherhood, even though I’m not in it: mom plans the children’s clothing in meticulous detail—matching shoes and hairbands, coordinated outfits, nothing but the best—and just wants one photo to commemorate her efforts. {You moms know that I probably wore an old, un-ironed dress and didn’t have time to fix my own hair. This remains undocumented, because I’m not in any of the photos.}

The kids want no part of it—too young to understand mom’s tireless efforts—except for the oldest (and you can tell that he’s much older than the rest), who shows sympathy and tries to rally the troops.

A photo taken this Easter morning, 9 years later, might produce the same results, although my kids are older and some of them don’t mind being in pictures (if selfies count). I’m still waging the same internal battle about how soon it’s appropriate to wear white shoes. This year I chose gold and off-white for my youngest girls, just to be safe, but I obviously took the frugal position of just one pair for the whole summer—in white—in 1995.

Throwback Thursday Stories

I’m joining my friend Jessica, who starts a new series today called Throwback Thursday Stories, the story behind the photos.

Question: Do you buy Easter clothes for your kids and if so, do you get something new, too?

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