I don’t remember dreaming of my wedding day as a child, but surely I shared the same fantasies as most little girls. By high school, my focus shifted to academics. What college would I attend? What job would I choose? 

Marriage and motherhood simmered on a back burner, untended and unnoticed, relatively unnecessary {or so I thought}. God’s sense of humor remains one of his more under-appreciated attributes.

In May of my senior year, with an acceptance letter to an Ivy League college in hand, I met a boy—The Boy—and everything changed: a shift in my expectations, priorities, goals. We’ve been together ever since and brought eight lovely children into the world.

I’d focused on my brain and how to use it, but little did I know: motherhood is my superpower.


Motherhood is My Superpower

  • I can sustain a life inside of me for nine months and outside of me for several more
  • My body can stretch to carry and deliver a 9+ lb. baby
  • My heart can expand to embrace new children without diminishing the love for the ones who came before
  • I can teach a child to read
  • I’m more stubborn than a 2 year old
  • I declared potty training an effective method of birth control, and still brought more children into the world (and potty trained them)
  • I can cut hair
  • I can remove large splinters from a screaming child’s hand, while pausing for hugs
  • I can pull a loose tooth with a piece of dental floss faster than a 6 year old can yell ouch!
  • I can graduate sons and send them off into the world and not break apart
  • I can suffer with a child and emerge stronger on the other side

Motherhood isn’t for the faint. Neosporin may heal a child’s wounds, but it takes the balm of grace to sooth a mama’s heart. As wise parents swaddle a crying baby, weary mamas rest in the cocoon of God’s love.

Surprised by Motherhood

Today I celebrate with my friend Lisa-Jo Baker as she releases her first book, Surprised by Motherhood: Everything I Never Expected about Being a Mom. Download the first three chapters here and become a part of the story behind the story—building a community center for vulnerable children in a South African community—here.

How were you most surprised by motherhood? Leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of Surprised by Motherhood!

[Disclosure: affiliate links used and book provided for giveaway.]

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