That Dreadful Night

Maybe you noticed I didn’t hit all 31 days posts within 31 days, the month of October. Me, too. A family vacation and a blog conference (Allume) kept me out of town for 12 days in October, the most travel I’ve had in a single month in a long time.

I’ve enjoyed sharing favorite hymns on Sunday and today’s feature is “That Dreadful Night,” written about the Last Supper:

That Dreadful Night

That dreadful night before His death,
The Lamb for sinners slain
Did, almost with His dying breath,
This solemn feast ordain.

To keep the feast, Lord, we have met,
And to remember Thee;
Help each redeemed one to repeat,
“For me, He died for me.”

Thy suff’rings, Lord, each sacred sign
To our remembrance brings;
We eat the bread and drink the wine,
But think on nobler things.

O tune our tongues, and set in flame
Each heart that pants for Thee,
To sing Hosanna to the Lamb,
The Lamb that died for me.
~Joseph Hart (1712-1768)


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