Edy's Limited Edition Flavors

Did you know that July is National Ice Cream Month and Sunday, July 21, is National Ice Cream Day? In honor of this celebration-worthy event, our family tested the four Limited Edition flavors available from Edy’s until the end of August.

Edy’s is partnering with Operation Smile, an international children’s medical charity, to make possible 500 reconstructive surgeries for children around the globe suffering from cleft lip, cleft palate and other facial deformities. Edy’s posts content on their Facebook page encouraging fans to help them donate to Operation Smile. Each “A Reason to Smile” post features different methods of participation—from liking and sharing to commenting—for fans to help Edy’s reach its goal of donating up to $125,000 to Operation Smile this year.

It would be awesome if you’d Like their page and help their efforts.


The Flavors

    • Take the Cake:  Yellow cake-flavored light ice cream with a frosting swirl and multi-colored sprinkles. It’s the classic combination of cake and ice cream in one convenient carton. Available in Slow Churned Light Ice Cream.
    • German Chocolate Cake Spectacular!:  If you froze a German Chocolate Cake and then exploded it into a carton of chocolate ice cream, you’d end up with this amazing limited edition flavor. Chocolate ice cream with a caramel coconut swirl and brownie pieces. Available in Grand Ice Cream and Slow Churned Light Ice Cream.
    • Sunny Salted Caramel Pretzel: Salty, sweet and oh so scrumptious. Vanilla ice cream with a salted caramel swirl and pretzel pieces. It’s probably the greatest flavor combination in the history of the world. Available in Grand Ice Cream and Slow Churned Light Ice Cream. 
    • 3 Stripes You’re Out: America’s Favorite Pastime has a new favorite flavor! Vanilla Ice Cream with Mixed Blueberry and Strawberry Swirls. This Limited Edition flavor will leave your home crowd on its feet cheering! Available in Grand Ice Cream.


It took some searching, but we found all four. The most difficult was Take the Cake, and Edy’s shipped us a carton before my husband finally found it at a Target close to work. I gave the UPS man a puzzled look when he showed up with a big box, then remembered and said, “Oh, it’s ice cream!” At that point it was his turn to give me a puzzled look.

{Dear Edy’s, thank you for the cooler of dry ice. My husband had a lot of fun simulating a rock concert—air guitar and all—on our back deck.}




The Verdict

My 8-year-old daughter originally liked German Chocolate Cake Spectacular! best, but switched to Take the Cake after we found it. My 9-year-old daughter and 18-year-old son originally preferred 3 Stripes You’re Out, but then they converted to Take the Cake, too. It was a big hit with the kids; I’m glad we ended up with two cartons.


But for me, the winner was clearly, clearly Sunny Salted Caramel Pretzel. I haven’t been so enamored with an ice cream since I discovered Dulce de Leche. Edy’s Slow Churned ice cream claims to have “all the taste and ½ the fat (with ½ the fat and 1/3 fewer calories than regular ice cream),” but I don’t believe it. Get serious. It tastes too good.

I knew I had a problem when I threatened my 11-year-old son if he tried it. I threatened my son, people. Thankfully it worked.

But I was unable to bully my 13-year-old daughter out of trying it. Of course she liked it: she’s female and old enough to get the sweet & salty thing. The little guys didn’t understand the pockets of salty goodness or appreciate the little crunchy pieces of pretzel. Score!

I kept my youngest daughter home from church because she was sick Saturday, but I sent my husband a text during church (I’ve lost all sense of responsibility and sound judgement) asking him to pick up a carton on the way home and something else for the kids so they wouldn’t touch it.

My husband, recognizing I’ve slipped into obsession status, actually purchased individual cartons of ice cream for each child to insure mine remained protected. It’s buried in the freezer surrounded by frozen bread. I just finished a bowl.

Please follow Edy’s Facebook page and help them reach their goal with Operation Smile, and take the time to celebrate National Ice Cream Month with these four Limited Edition flavors.

Leave a comment telling which flavor you’d like to try, and one commenter will win two coupons for free Edy’s Ice Cream!

This post is brought to you by Edy’s and The Motherhood. I was provided with product coupons and compensated for my time, but all opinions are my own.

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