Two years ago at Allume I heard Christa Wells sing. I love her sweet voice and thoughtful lyrics, the way she tells a story with words and music. Recently I read the words to the song Oh, Your Love, which she wrote last year for her mother at Mother’s Day. Just reading them made me cry, so I didn’t have the nerve to play the video.

A girl can only handle so much.

After reading the words a second time I finally clicked play and listened to the song. It’s just lovely and will probably draw tears every time I hear it. Of course I wanted it, because I’m a sucker for music that makes me cry.

Well guess what? You can download Oh, Your Love and four other Christa Wells songs for FREE at Noisetrade. Since I didn’t pay for those songs, I bought More Than Rubies (affiliate link), the new album from Christa Wells & Nicole Witt instead.

Click play and listen to this song while reading the words below (email subscribers click here to play). I dare you not to cry. You can let me know how you did in the comments.

Oh, Your Love

I know that you knew

You raised us to leave you

Raised us to run with a torch in our hands

I know that you knew

What your love would do

Sent us out sailors with the wind at our backs


I know that you gave

Without keeping record

Except to be certain you had nothing left

I know that you gave

Til it hurt though you never

Admitted anything but the joy and gladness


Ooh, your love always carried us


I know that you followed us

Late in the darkness

Pulled up the blankets, covered us in prayer

I know that you followed

Our paths to independence

With a great deal of patience and a little bit of fear


But ooh, your love always carried us


I know that you see us

The way we were back then

You can’t let go, you can’t really let us go

But I hope that you see how

You took those little children

To the light that leads us all to our true home


And ooh, your love always carries us

Oooh, your love will always carry us


I know that you knew what your love would do

Oh, Your Love

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