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Most homes have two kinds of toolboxes: the kind that contain hammer and nails, screwdriver and screws, and a sewing basket with scissors, needles, thread, and buttons. These two boxes are indispensable; you don’t need them every day, but when you need them, you really need them.

When our oldest son graduated from high school, we gave him his own toolbox and tools. Last year I made graduation toolkits using a combination of these Redeemed Picnic Baskets from DaySpring for the girls and Stanley toolboxes for the boys.

They contained items such as screwdrivers; a basic sewing kit; scissors; hammer; and a tape measure. Customize based on what your budget allows. I purchased the filler items at Walmart.





I typed and printed a little note to tie on the handle. It might be cheesy, but I challenge you to make up something that incorporates the word tools and sounds appropriate for a graduate! Click the pic below and download a copy for yourself if you’d like to print it.

Our fridge is plastered with graduation announcements, some from kids we’ve known since birth, so I’m working on a new batch of toolkits.  Thankfully the Redeemed Picnic Basket is currently on clearance at DaySpring for 1/2 price: $19.99! When they’re gone, they’re gone.

I already had a sewing basket, so I got myself one as a craft basket. It’s full of craft paint, paint brushes, Sharpies, and other crafty stuff.

Redeemed - Fullness of His Grace - Picnic Basket

Shipping is free at DaySpring on purchases of $50 or more, so you could get 3 Redeemed Picnic Baskets, or consider combining these other clearance items from the Redeemed collection to reach free shipping:

Redeemed – Fullness of Joy – Message Board: regularly $14.99, sale $5.99

Redeemed – He Is My Refuge – Metal Door Knocker: regularly $14.99, sale $6.99

Redeemed – The Goodness of the Lord – Wooden Planter: regularly $24.99, sale $9.99

Redeemed – Truly Loved – Coin Purse: regularly $9.99, sale $3.99

Redeemed – His Eye Is on the Sparrow-Wooden Birdhouse: regularly $19.99, sale $9.99

Redeemed – Everything Beautiful – Metal Watering Can: regularly $21.99, sale $9.99

Redeemed – Romans 8:28 – Wristlet: regularly $16.99, sale $6.99

Redeemed – Truly Blessed – Bird Cage Photo Holder: regularly $16.99, sale $6.99

Redeemed – Everything Beautiful – Fabric Cuff: regularly $12.99, sale $4.99 – I love mine!

Redeemed – Truly Blessed – Wooden Framed Mirror: regularly $29.99, sale $11.99

Do you have a graduate in your family this year?

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