Serving You

Yesterday our pastor honored the veterans in our congregation. Most of the men he mentioned are in their 60s and 70s, men that I’ve known for years but didn’t think of as military since that part of their lives was before I knew them. I found out that one of my favorite people in the world, Brother Jerry, was a Marine. (I wrote a story about his sweet wife last year at (in)courage.)

I had no idea!

I also have no idea what it’s like to kiss your husband goodbye as he goes to serve our country while waiting at home with the children. But my sweet friend Kristen knows all about the joys and struggles of being a military wife, and she’s written a new ebook, which you can download for free until tomorrow.

While no two military wives’ personal circumstances look identical, all military wives share common threads woven throughout this lifestyle. We all must figure out how to make friends, fit into new communities, adapt to constant change, and fill roles well beyond that of wife.

We battle frequent seasons of loneliness, fear, separations, and feelings of missing out. So whether a military wife has just walked down the aisle or driven through her tenth base, whether her husband has deployed several times or not at all, I believe Serving You will speak to each woman in emotional, spiritual, and practical ways. It will serve you; assuring you that God—not Uncle Sam—has placed you where you are for a divine purpose.

Download your copy of Serving You: 31 Days of Encouragement for the Military Wife at Kristen’s blog and feel free to wish her a happy birthday in the comments!

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