If you’ve visited here for very long, you may wonder what became of Camera Phone Friday, which I posted consistently since February 2011. CFF derailed in mid-September, shortly before I posted 31 Days of Before & After Shots every. single. day. of. the. October. (still can’t believe I pulled that one off) and never got back on track.

So . . . I’ve struggled with whether I should post all of those camera phone photos that I’ve missed and my final answer is a simple yes. I originally started blogging to document our family’s life for my kids, and I never want to lose sight of that. I hope you find some fun and visual inspiration in the mix!

Camera Phone Friday #73

1. O lovely new Tazo mug, fresh of color and fair of form! How did I fail to realize that you would Burn The Living Daylights out of my fingers each time I hold you, you handle-less tease! Are my senses so filled with your verdant hue and the aroma of Earl G, 2. Saddle up!, 3. Pony ride, 4. Serious face paint!

Camera Phone Friday #73 (collage 2)

1. On the road to #becoming2012 in an orange Camaro convertible. Thanks @chevrolet!, 2. Hitting the road to Hotlanta after #becoming2012. Thank you @chevrolet for an awesome experience in this hot Camaro!, 3. My boy & I, tired & dirty after our mother/son camping trip, 4. My girls are getting pink streaks at Ulta!

The top two photos in the collage above represent three of the most glorious weeks of my 2012, the days when my husband and I drove a screamin’ orange Camaro convertible to the Becoming Conference in Asheville, NC, and beyond. Apparently the pick-up date didn’t make the schedule and it stayed with us longer than anticipated. I knew no one could possibly forget this car and expected it to go any day. Now I my Chevy contact probably thinks I’m a shady character and can’t be trusted. 🙁

This year marks the 10th that I’ve driven a 15-passenger van, so I guess I just got caught up in the sheer ooooh, aaaah, and oomph of this car. Every day was sweet behind the wheel of that Camaro.

Camera Phone Friday #73 (collage 3)

1. Grating a bar of soap for our 2nd batch of homemade body wash., 2. Mailing cards to friends 🙂, 3. Young song leaders, 4. I mustache you a question…

Camera Phone Friday #73 (collage 4)

1. I’ve talked about adding contrast to photos all months on 31 Days of Before & After Shots on my blog, so I decided to add some to my hair., 2. So beautiful. #shereadstruth, 3. Planted my first letter in my pal @holleygerth’s book #moreloveletters, 4. Roomies all checked in at Allume! @redletterwords

Dee at Red Letter Words blessed my socks off at Allume this year—what an awesome roommate!

Camera Phone Friday #73 (collage 5)

1. @redletterwords & I tour Harrisburg!, 2. The rockin’ @lisajobaker #allume, 3. In flight #allume, 4. My daughter, the kitty cat.

Camera Phone Friday #73 (collage 6)

1. An all-time favorite!, 2. Hermey the (Dentist) Elf puppet show!, 3. Hermey puppets!, 4. What’ll ya have?

Camera Phone Friday #73 (collage 7)

1. Veterans’ Day event, 2. First Pizza Hut Book It visit this school year!, 3. Body art, 4. Try telling that to Miss Piggy

Camera Phone Friday #73 (collage 8)

1. Naughty elf hanging from the angel topper & wearing a cat tail!, 2. Ceiling tiles at the Fox Theatre Atlanta, 3. Love my new Flower Earrings from @LisaLeonard. Watch for a giveaway on my blog this week!, 4. Checking out their pictures #HelpPortrait

Camera Phone Friday #73 (collage 9)

1. Etch-a-Sketch at the tables – so smart! @ammazzahq #ammazza, 2. Hearing about the philosophy behind the new @AmmazzaHQ Italian restaurant. Gorgeous bldg! #ammazza, 3. Glitter pizza for kids – super clever @AmmazzaHQ! #ammazza, 4. Our hostess with the mostest, @StacieinAtlanta @AmmazzaHQ #ammazza

These photos (and a couple in the next collage) were taken at a blogger night at the new Ammazza restaurant in downtown Atlanta. This restaurant is owned and operated by Stacie of The Divine Miss Mommy’s family. Stacie is one of my favorite blog friends and epitomizes the pay-it-forward mentality. She is all about helping others and I’ve been blessed to be on the receiving end many times.

If you live in Atlanta, you won’t regret a visit to Ammazza. The pizza is delicious! They serve an (edible) glitter pizza for kids and have Etch-a-Sketches on the tables to keep them entertained until it arrives. Brilliant. My favorite was the Terra pizza with wild mushrooms.

They also have free parking in their own parking lot, which you’ll know is a huge plus if you’ve ever tried to find a place to park downtown.

Camera Phone Friday #73 (collage 10)

1. Terra pizza w/wild mushrooms, “real” Coke w/sugar. Great food & attention to detail. @AmmazzaHQ #ammazza, 2. @MommyTalkShow Watching the chefs @ammazzahq #ammazza, 3. 13th birthday with friends @chloecamp_ @ayeeee_its_jennah @olivia_grace_2012 @dietcoke45 @fun_cool @jordismith_2001, 4. My youngest elf

Somehow we managed parties for our two oldest daughter, who both had December birthdays and big ones, too: 13 and 16. That covers us for a few years, right?

Camera Phone Friday #73 (collage 11)

1. The annual Christmas Bowl, 2. Family together at Christmas – the *best*, 3. Dipping chocolate covered cherries, 4. Elfis & his goodbye note to the kids

This was our 3rd year for Christmas-time bowling, which is a whole lotta fun.

Camera Phone Friday #73 (collage 12)

1. Final night kisses for Elfis, 2. New pets, 3. Having a @moreloveletters party!, 4. Mini Mouse (my kids don’t want to spell it right) #inrl

Recently I told you that our mouse, Luck, died. The kids (and maybe their mom) were so sad that I went to the pet store for another one. A Google search on my phone told me that the urine of a female mouse doesn’t smell (which totally confirms that Luck was male) and I’d already read about the benefit of having two mice when I’d studied Luck’s fur scratching habit.

So . . . I bought two female mice, one silver and one light brown. They’re shiny and new and instant household favorites.

I’ve officially caught up on four months’ worth of camera phone moments, my visual diary of the day-to-day. Has the new year brought any excitement or change in your family?

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