Can you believe we’re already one week into December? Christmas sneaks up on me every year! As I get older (not that I’m getting any older, ahem) I get less willing to spend my time and gasoline driving around looking for deals and more inclined to shop in my house shoes sitting in front of my computer. It’s easy to see what’s in stock and then it’s magically delivered to my front door.

You can’t beat that.

DaySpring and Blessings Unlimited have some amazing deals if you’re still shopping (or barely started, like me).

Holley Gerth - Shine - Canvas Wrapped 6

This Holley Gerth – Shine – Canvas Wrapped 6″ Block is the final Flash Sale item this week, on sale from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. CST (noon – 4 p.m. on the East Coast) today, Friday, December 7. I bought some of these canvas wrapped blocks for the (in)RL event I hosted in April and I just love them. They’re sturdy and make great gifts, and you just can’t beat this sale.

Flash Sale Price: $5.00 ($10 off) [Flash Sale has ended.]

Redeemed - Truly Blessed - Family Organization Center

I’d been searching for an organizer that would look nice near our front door, but would also be functional and truly useful. I was really excited to find the Redeemed – Truly Blessed – Family Organization Center a few months ago. In our efforts to make it absolutely kid-proof (our kids can manage to pull anything out of the wall), my husband drilled black screws through it and into our wall studs to hold it securely.


The screws mount through the U in TRULY and the first S in BLESSED and there are two more under the shelf. They blend right in—you’d never see them unless you were looking (we didn’t worry about visibility on the lower ones because they’re under the shelf and only a young child would see them at that height). Now it’s tough enough to hang heavy backpacks (or maybe a small child) or whatever.

We have the Redeemed – Inspirational Wooden Blocks, Set of 6 sitting on the shelf, usually spelling GRACE, although they currently spell ELFIS, in honor of our mischievous Elf on the Shelf.

You can get it now for $64.99—that’s 50% off!

Blessings Unlimited

Because their items are so lovely, I signed up to be a consultant with Blessings Unlimited  (the home-business branch of DaySpring) last year. I really didn’t have a plan for what I did or didn’t want to do with my business, so I stuck a button in my blog’s sidebar and that was about it.

I recently decided to renew as a constant for another year. Although I don’t have the time to hold in-home gatherings, I’d love to work with women who’d like to host online parties (where guests place their orders through my site) and I’ll do a better job of letting you know about sales.

Speaking of which . . . there are some doozies in December!

Magnetic Canvas Board

My jaw may have dropped when I saw that the Magnetic Canvas Board is on sale for $13, which is 75% off of the regular price of $58. Ours currently hangs in our dining room, although I think I’m about to move it to our bedroom. This magnetic board is covered in cotton/linen canvas, allowing you to attach cards, photos, etc. to it using the four padded magnetic birds.

Blessings Unlimited weathervane

The If You Seek Him Weathervane is one of my favorite Blessings items. Ours sits on the baker’s rack just inside our front door. It’s a big, substantial piece with a distressed finish. It’s currently on sale for $28, a discount of 65%.

Blessings Collage

Other deals (pictured above) include:

You can see all December Blessings Unlimited sales on this page. Some items have already sold out (you’ll be able to tell when you click Add to Cart).

I hope you find just what you need! Thank you for shopping with my affiliate links.

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