Kia Sorento collage

I look forward to the (in)courage authors’ retreat in Hilton Head each year, especially since it’s within driving distance for me. I enjoy hitting the road, even by myself. Starting in one place and ending up hundreds of miles away—where the weather and the scenery and the people are different—is an adventure. The 300+ mile drive was made sweeter this year, however, because my friends Deidra and Robin rocked the roadtrip with me in a Sorento loaned to us by Kia.

I drove a Sportage last year and an Optima Hybrid this summer, so I had no doubt we’d travel in comfort and style. When I emailed the girls and told them about the snazzy car waiting in my driveway, Robin replied, “Can’t wait to see YOU and meet our RIDE!  Let’s name her–Suzy (since she’s snazzy).


Not only is the Sorento visually appealing, it’s practical, too. Ours seated five passengers with full rear storage space, but came with a third-row 50/50-split-folding seat that made room for two more. I knew that Deidra’s bags would be limited since she flew to Atlanta to meet us, but Robin and I are notorious for over-packing.

Snazzy Suzy held all of our stuff plus the extra goodies we brought home.


I’m thoroughly impressed with the Sorento. After years of owning large vans, it’s fun to drive a car that handles so well and boasts luxuries like XM Satellite radio, built-in GPS, seats that can be heated or cooled at the touch of a button, and a rear view camera that shows what’s behind you when the car’s in reverse (not only protecting your car in parking lots, but bikes and stray toys in your driveway!).

From me and the girls: thank you, Kia, for rockin’ our road trip to Hilton Head!

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