Our homeschool group holds an annual Father Daughter Dance. Two years ago I did a special photo project beforehand to decorate a wall for the event. I was asked to take photos of as many fathers and daughters as I could and then edit and print them: high contrast black and whites in which the heads tilt to one side.

These hung on a wall like headshots you sometimes see of famous people in restaurants. We even provided black Sharpies so that the prints could be autographed!

I shot portraits in the hallway during homeschool parent info meetings; in the parking lot after choir classes; or in my dining room, like this one of my daughter. Under the before and after shots you can see how they were displayed at the dance.

Day 23 - Before

Day 23 - After




The Edits:

  1. Apply Lightroom’s Punch preset (increase clarity and vibrance).
  2. Apply a preset from X-Equals called x=the+400 (convert to black and white; increase clarity, brightness, and contrast).
  3. Tweak exposure and contrast.
  4. Crop and tilt.

Can you think of a fun reason to try this technique? This dance was two and a half years ago and some of the shots of my family still hang on cork boards around our house!

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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4

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