My little gardener's 1st watermelon!

I‘ve spent so much time dreading the beginning of a new homeschool year that I’m almost ready to just get it over with and start. You know that feeling before a baby’s born, when you imagine you’re life is about to end and you’ll never emerge from your house again? Yeah. That’s where I am.

I’ve spent the week running errands, buying school supplies, and shopping for things I’ll need before the third annual (in)courage authors’ retreat in Hilton Head in three weeks because obviously I’ll only get out on Sundays and our once a week class days at Classical Conversations, right?

Y’all know I’m joking and the last thing I’d want is to discourage any new or future homeschoolers. I do feel like I’m buckling down for labor and delivery, though.

This will be my largest class yet as a Classical Conversations tutor and I’m thrilled with the summer upgrades in the classroom I’ll use this year. There’s a new wall-mount flatscreen TV and lots of mysterious ports in the wall (while I can rock and roll my way within some sophisticated software programs, I can hardly connect a DVD player to a TV. True story.).

Thankfully there are people in my world who understand these things. Based on what they told me I am now the proud owner of a new Apple TV (which isn’t actually a TV, by the way), which should allow me to wirelessly project content from my iPad and MacBook onto the TV.

Because I teach art and music history, this will be huge! I’ve always passed around my iPad to show artwork—now we’ll see it bigger on the screen. We watch the series of videos for Francis Schaeffer’s How Should We Then Live?—now I should be able to send them to the TV without hooking it up to my laptop.

With both HDMI and optical cables (aren’t you impressed that I can throw out these terms without actually knowing what they mean?) to attach the Apple TV to the wall ports, I should be able to easily stream audio and video content to the TV and speakers.

There are nine teen boys in my class, not counting the girls, so I’ve got plenty of tech support.

Now on to the camera phone pics!

See that photo at the top? Our 10-year-old son was thrilled to discover the watermelon seed he’d planted produced a fruit this size!

This guy feels like big stuff. Been begging to go to Sports Clips!

This same son begged for weeks to visit Sports Clips after they sent a coupon for a free haircut. The smile never left his face as he told them it was his best haircut ever. I think what he meant to say is, “My mom doesn’t wrap my head in a warm towel and massage my scalp and back.” 


Aren’t these flowers just lovely? They’re part of a bouquet I admired in Sam’s.

What about you? Have your kids started back to school?

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