Camera Phone Friday #71 (collage #2)

1. Our stylin’ dog, 2. With Kenn Viselman, creator of #theoogieloves movie. Thanks for a movie #RatedGGG, 3. About to hit the road in this sweet Optima Hybrid. Thanks @Kia!, 4. Talking with the creators of #theOogieloves movie #RatedGGG, 5. Needing the Awake tea today. Hosting the parent meeting here tonight for the @ClassicalConv class that I teach., 6. A gift from my precious 10yos from the proceeds of his lemonade stand today (he made $22!)

Camera Phone Friday #71

1. They never get tired of this echoing stainless steel piece, 2. #hightweetup Rumble: mirrored tile, black soap, wax, & paint, 3. #hightweetup 11-Scheiben (11-Panes), 4. Monet. In person. Sort of. (Autumn on the Seine, Argenteuil) #hightweetup, 5. They love playing in the Greene Family Learning Gallery #hightweetup, 6. Thanks for a fun evening at the #hightweetup!

Camera Phone Friday #71 (collage #3)

1. Haircut!, 2. Love note from my youngest. {{love}}, 3. Yes or no? #pleaseadvise

Oh, my goodness I’ve missed sitting down and writing in this space! We’ve been busy, busy, busy getting ready for a new (home)school year; traveling (I’ll be reviewing another Kia!); dating the hubs; prescreening some late summer flicks; sipping sweet tea; and continuing to hold on for dear life to these last few precious days of summer before school and schedules rule once more.

Collage 1:
Two of the photos in that top collage are from a prescreening that we attended of The Oogieloves movie: The Big Balloon Adventure. Does this movie look cheesy? Yes. Will you and your kids adore it? Probably.

Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed watching my kids watch a movie so much in all my years of parenting. It encourages the audience to get up and move. My 10-year-old son and 8- and 7-year-old daughters jumped and swing danced and in general had a fabulous time.

My son will proudly tell you that the creator and director, Kenn Viselman, told my kids that they were his best audience ever and should be in his next movie. (That’s him with us in the top-middle collage.) It annoys me when my kids want to just veg out in front of the TV, so I’m sure this is one we’ll buy on DVD.

Collage 2:
The middle collage is from Thursday’s tweet-up at the High Museum. Apparently some of my favorites from the permanent collection have roamed the US for two years and just returned. I’ve wasted a lot of time looking for a RenoirCassatt, and Monet that simply weren’t there, but it’s good to see them again.

Standing close to the Monet and studying how he painted reflections on the surface of the water is seriously surreal stuff.

Collage 3:
The good news: I got a haircut. The bad news: I’ll probably never be able to fix it again like my stylist. Can you relate?

I want to frame this little love letter from my youngest. Is that sweet or what?

Yes, I bought those crazy retro heels. Want to hear my story?

In the car on our Friday night dinner-and-a-movie date night I saw an instagram pic of a woman all dressed up to go out with her husband. I looked down at my casual clothes and felt bad that I hadn’t put any more effort into my appearance. The hubs and I are still dating, right? He deserves better.

To make a long story short, I made a husband-sanctioned flying run through T.J. Maxx while he filled the car up with gas, emerging with a clearance rack dress, heels, and a bonus bag of gummy bears. After a quick change, I finished the night in style.

We were both happy campers.

So, what have you been up to and when do your people start school?

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