I want to be one of these couples somedayToday I went to the grocery store around noon. It took me a while to realize why there were so many older folks: seniors get a 5% discount on Wednesday. Although it wasn’t my intention, I engaged in a considerable amount of people watching.

Fascinating stuff, these lives lived together for maybe half a century or more. After investing nearly 27 years in my marriage, I’m curious to see how it might look in another 27 years. Here’s what I observed:

Seniors Don’t Worry About PDA

I saw hand holding; arm caressing; a look in the eye; a stroke to the cheek. Twos who’ve become ones to the extent that they prefer to occupy the same space (even if it’s the grocery store).

Do mundane moments deepen in meaning when you know there are fewer ahead of you than behind?

They’re Driving the Cool Cars

As I climbed into my 15-passenger van, I couldn’t help but notice an older couple loading up in a VW Buggy convertible and another in a Mini Cooper.

Is this the payoff? Raise our kids and stay the course, together, and someday we’ll stroll grocery store aisles arm in arm in the middle of the afternoon, riding away in a vehicle my current self could only dream of?

(Maybe there’s a fun little sports car in my future after all . . .)

Who knows.

I drove away not only with a smile on my face but a trace of envy for these seniors’ slower pace, togetherness, and yes, even their automobiles. Food for thought.

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