Even though there’s always been a linky, I’ve never really promoted Camera Phone Friday. Unfortunately, spammers seem to have latched on to it lately. If I listed the goals for my blog, “providing free links and traffic to sites advertising male enhancement drugs” (and other similar stuff) simply wouldn’t make the list.

Crazy, I know.

Because of that, I’m going to quit posting linkies at the bottom of the posts and see if the spammers cease and desist (and don’t just show up in the comments instead). If you want a place to link up your camera phone photos, try InstaFriday at Life Rearranged.

Here’s this week from my iPhone’s point-of-view:

Find me in the art @highmuseumofart

Finally—Friday Night Jazz at the High Museum and in a date night dress no less! We’ve been trying to make it to Friday Night Jazz, which takes place every third Friday from 5-10 p.m. at the High Museum in Atlanta, forever.

Junior artist @highmuseumofart

My kids loved an area set up with art supplies that we found on the top floor!

Playground fun

Although the kids have been to the pool plenty of times this summer, I’ve managed not to go until this week. I volunteered to take them, which earns me bonus points, right?

Here they are playing on the playground after swimming.

This is the belly of a spider with a big web on my back deck. Should I be concerned?

I was worried about this spider spinning his or her large web on our back deck last night until Stephanie reassured me that it looked like an orb spinner, a harmless spider. A Google search revealed that orb spinners often take down their webs, rest an hour, and rebuild them each day.

Sure enough, no web this morning.

I don’t know if our spider tired of all the attention and decided to move on, or if one of my kids sent it on its merry way.

We’re in full gearing-up-for-another-year-of-Classical-Conversations mode around here. I attended my 12-year-old daughter’s parent meeting for Challenge A last night, which means she’s moving from elementary into middle school classes. I’m praying for an easy transition!

Monday night I’ll have the parent meeting for the Challenge II class that I teach here at our house. I plan to feed them, maybe as many as 20 people! Needless to say, I’m in full-scale preparation mode. Menu suggestions?

What have you been up to this week (and what did your camera phone capture)?

Camera Phone Friday

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