Camera Phone Friday #69

1. Feathered friend, 2. Day 5 #shereadstruth, 3. Song leaders, 4. Bowling with friends #fromwhereistand, 5. Pro bowling, 6. Surely this is what heaven smells like, 7. Umbrella silhouette, 8. Precious boy, 9. Ran another mile (2nd time ever) in my fab new @merrellbarefoot shoes. (Don’t think I smell too good right now), 10. Petting Toffee (the horse), 11. Feeling like a princess @MedievalTimes #MTatlanta, 12. Checking out Kratos the owl @MedievalTimes, 13. A token from our knight @MedievalTimes, 14. Now that’s a cupcake @MedievalTimes, 15. Ginormous mushrooms #fromwhereistand

We’re hanging onto this last month of summer for dear life, although fall is my favorite season. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have October temperatures with the freedom of a summer schedule? I wish!

Here are the highlights from this week’s Instagram stream:

Row 1: The boys across the street found this abandoned baby bird. They fed it worms from the pet store until a few days later when it flew up in a tree and stayed.

I’m participating in She Reads Truth, a group women’s Bible study organized online. I’m about 10 days into it and love the plan I’m doing (YouVersion’s Living the Surrendered Life—find the link on this page).

My 10-year-old son is in the middle of this shot of young song leaders at church.

Row 2: We had the best time Sunday night bowling with another family (hi, Nancy!). I think I bowled 126 the first game and 120 the second, which was pretty good for me. We should bowl more often; it’s always good family time.

These peaches from Sam’s smelled and tasted amazing, although I’m not sure why they imported California peaches to Georgia.

Row 3: I’ve run a mile without stopping two more times this week!

Rows 4 & 5: Three of the kids and I had the best time Wednesday night previewing the new show at Medieval Times. They clapped and cheered or booed and heckled, depending on the circumstances, and had an all around good time. I thought I’d surely gain 5 pounds, they fed us so well.

Look at the size of these mushrooms in a neighbor’s yard! I had to stop and take their picture on my run today before the lawn mower eats them.

What did your camera phone capture this week?

Camera Phone Friday

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